How Our Family Lives With The 17 Day Diet!


I did an analysis of yogurt when I figured out that we were not eating the right kind! I must admit I have avoided yogurt myentire life. I like milk, but just didn’t have fond memories of yogurt. My boys loved Gogurt as kids and it was always a treat for them.

Once I realized we had been eating yogurt with a higher amount of sugar than we should, I quickly did some research at our local groceries. Unfortunately, Costco does not carry a sugar free fruit flavored yogurt which is what The 17 Day Diet recommends.

We had been eating the Activia regular yogurt which is in 4 ounce servings instead of the recommended 6 ounces. This yogurt also has a higher sugar count.  So, I bought a Dannon Lite & Fit  24 pack for my family to try. It was 6 ounce containers, but my husband didn’t like the flavor as well. So, back to Activia Lite.

I finally found a sugar free yogurt – Dannon Lite & Fit Carb Control at Harris Teeter. I loved the flavor of this yogurt, but I hate paying higher prices for things so I decided to do a comparison.

Then I read something online about Greek yogurt not having sugar added to it! I decided to give it a try and it was rather tart so I added a packet of Splenda to it. Splenda seems to dissolve more easily than Truvia, so I go that route instead.

Product container size Price Price per ounce
Chobani Greek 32 5.99 0.19 Harris Teeter
FAGE 0% Greek 35.3 7.99 0.23 Harris Teeter
Dannon Carb Control 16 3.19 0.20 Harris Teeter
Activia Lite 96 10.37 0.11 Costco


So, I buy the Chobani Greek Plain for me and the Activia Lite for the rest of the family. I measure out 4 oz. of Greek yogurt and stir a Splenda packet into it while my frozen triple berry mix is microwaving. Found I like it kind of warm since it makes the fruit juicy! Once the fruit is ready, I pour it over my yogurt and focus on truly enjoying the heck out of of that HUGE bowl of goodness!

I honestly believe this is what helped me get through the first 2 weeks and would eagerly anticipate enjoying it when I was feeling a little sad about not eating all the things I used to enjoy.

Do you have any tips to share about getting through the tough times?


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  1. […] Based on previous research, the Activia that the guys in my family likes is 11 cents per ounce. I don’t know if they will like this homemade one yet. […]

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