How Our Family Lives With The 17 Day Diet!

I went to the Y and did my cardio before I came home this morning after doing the EARLY morning drop off for my younger son.

Had to jump right into other errands and, of course, my job, so I quickly popped some a Crockpot Barbecue Chicken together. We’ll see how it turns out.  Today is a Phase I day – so back to chicken.

It is 6 fresh chicken breasts with the Barbecue Recipe from The 17 Day Diet book and I added a can of Diet Coke. Seemed like many of the barbecue recipes did this. I would have liked to have doubled the sauce, but didn’t have enough of the Trader Joe’s organic ketchup to do so. I will have to pick some up while I am our this afternoon. Cook for 6 hours, then shred.

Update: My family hated this. So much chicken that just did not satisfy. They put more bbq sauce on top to get it down, but didn’t want me to prepare this again. I packed up the remainder (quite a bit!) and put it in the refrigerator to make into soup another day. Or maybe I can turn it into tacos? I have at least a day to figure it out since we’ll eat steak next.  But, you know, they did really like the baked barbecue chicken I prepared a few days ago. Hmmm.

What veggies? I think I will see if Trader Joes has any of their frozen broccoli in stock. We loved the last batch. Of course, the family did say it was the onions that made it so tasty.

Best Vegetable Side Dish on Earth for Phase I

I make this dish with frozen green beans or broccoli. Prepare in microwave. While it is microwaving, I slice 2 large white or sweet yellow onions and cook in a pan with some olive oil until tender. I add 1 packet of Splenda, and if my family is lucky that day…I add 1 T. Hormel prepared bacon crumbles that we had on hand BEFORE the 17 Day Diet.  Mix well. Drain vegetables and add to skillet to incoporate all those lovely tastes together. Serve!


  • Sprinkle sesame seeds on top to give a different look
  • Crush a large garlic clove in the oil with the onions
  • Add some vinegar for a sweet & sour flavor combo!

Do you have a tried and true vegetable recipe you can share? I would LOVE to hear it!


Comments on: "Day 23: Barbecue Chicken in a Crock Pot & Best Veggie Side Dish (Phase I)" (3)

  1. Last Saturday I had xeveral people from my bowling league in for dinner. I made the savory chicken with spring vegetables crock pot recipe from your site ( doubled it) and it was a HUGE hit!! Thanks so much!

  2. […] with our favorite green beans. This time, I used fresh tiny haricot verts and quickly boiled them while I sauteed some chopped […]

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